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Kurobuta Pork ChopsKurobuta Pork Chops
Package of 4 Kurobuta Chops, approx. 284 g - 340g each (0.63 lb - 0.75 lb each)

Kurobuta (Japanese for "black pig") pork is raised from pedigree Berkshire pigs. Like Kobe beef, Kurobuta pork is finely marbeled. In the United States, the National Pork Producers Council ran a taste test using 25 quality traits. Kurobuta Pork ranked first in 19 categories, including tenderness and juiciness.

Kurobuta Pork is darker in colour than other pork, and especially tasty. At Lucies Farm we've taken the process a step further than even in Japan: our pigs are fed a special diet of grain and beer, just like our Kobe cattle.

We are currently sold out of Kurobuta pork chops --- more will be available (estimated) on April 15, 2006.

A package of four Kurobuta Pork Chops (284 g - 340 g average weight per chop). Total package weight approximately 1.2 kg.


Price per package (4 chops): £30.61


Kurobuta Tenderloin
Approximately 284 g - 397 g (10 oz - 14 oz)

Kurobuta tenderloin is the fillet of delicate lean meat that runs along the opposite side of the loin from the ribs --- it's the pork equivalent of fillet steak.

We can't keep this in inventory long enough to photograph it. For information on availability please click here 

Price per tenderloin (284 g - 397 g): £18.61

Kurobuta Tenderloin


Kurobuta Baby Back RibsKurobuta Baby Back Ribs
A Rack of 11 Ribs, Weighing Approximately 500 g (1.1 pounds)

Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs are cut from the rib section of the loin of pork, so the meat on each rib is tender and flavourful. Many consider Baby Back Ribs the best ribs you can buy and cook --- and, of course, when you have Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs you're in rarified territory.

For information on availability please click here 

Price Per Rack of 11 Ribs: £15.61


Kurobuta Rack Roast of Pork
8 to 10 Ribs, Bone-In, Approximately 2.25 kg (5 lbs)

This is the pork equivalent of the Kobe Beef Standing Rib Roast. It's the classic roasting joint of bone-in loin -- carré de porc in French.


Price per roast (approx. 2.25 kg): £60.61

Kurobuta Rack Roast of Pork


Kurobuta Draft of PorkKurobuta Draft of Pork
1.5 kg - 1.8 kg (3.3 - 4.0 lb) Roast

The Draft of Pork is the belly and it makes what Hugh Feearnley-Whittingstall calls a "fabulous and forgiving roast -- so richly fatted that it is almot impossible to overcook. It also produces outstanding crackling. Chunky cubes of pork belly can be slow roasted in their own fat with garlic and thyme, like a confit, to produce rillons. And they can also be slow braised, particularly with oriental flavours, to give meltingly tender meat and a pleasingly sticky skin in a highly aromatic dish to serve with noodles."


Price per roast (approx 1.5 - 1.8 kg): £10.50


Lucies Farm Catalog > Kurobuta Pork