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Scottish | Kobe Beef
Our Scottish | Kobe beef is a unique fusion of Japanese and Scottish traditions. Our pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle are fed a diet of beer and grain and are massaged three times each week. The result is a tender, marbled meat. Treat yourself to a delicious Scottish | Kobe steak, or, like the Old Homestead Restaurant in New York, make one of the most lavish hamburgers in the world.
Kurobuta Pork
The Boston Globe newspaper said, "Taste Kurobuta pork, and you'll never call it 'the other white meat.' This meat is darker, richer, and more marbled, giving it superior flavor and texture, which is why it has become a prestigious menu item along the lines of Kobe beef. 'The most obvious difference between regular pork and this pork is flavor, This actually has flavor. And it has wonderful texture to it. It eats like steak, like a really good steak."
Premium Dog Food
For the past two years we have only fed our two dogs home made food. Their coats are shiny, their skin is clear, and their breath is fresh. We use our Highland Beef and add fresh vegetables, pasta (or rice), and natural vitamins and minerals. And we are now able to share a limited quantity with our friends. Have you wanted to feed your dog home made meals, but haven't had the time to prepare them? Now you can.
Luxury Dog Hotel Gift Shop
The Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort caters to the every whim of a few luxury doggies. They go on long walks through our private woodland, eat our nutritionally-balanced dog food (or their own diet, if preferred), snack on our doggie treats, and get lots of cuddles. The Phodographer takes photos of guests during their stay (with permission, of course) and these can now be purchased as canvas photos, handbags, and even cushions.
Dog Cakes and Cookies
Dog birthday cakes --- with your dog's picture? A variety of doggie treats, carefully formulated with the assistance of a canine nutritionist? Catnip for dogs? Yes --- all here at Lucies Farm.
Alternative Meats - Rosé Veal and Others
We recently met the folks from Alternative Meats. Just as we offer prime Scottish | Kobe steaks, they pride themselves on their Rosé Veal. I know, I know. Veal can be a dirty word these days. But their veal, raised on the Cheshire - Shropshire border, is produced in welfare-friendly conditions.
Highland Semen - Frozen Straws
Lord Rannoch of Lucies is our prize-winning "working" bull. He spent several months in Torquay in late 2003 in early 2004 at U.K. Sire Services, and his straws are now approved for export worldwide. While we can't ship our delicious Scottish | Kobe beef outside the U.K. (yet), we can send Rannoch's genes.